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App has been great until latest update

When loading photos the whole app freezes and you have to close the app and start over with your search. Annoying. Time consuming.

Useless for efficient shopping.

Latest update doesn’t let you filter results to narrow down search to specific size,color etc.


This is my new favorite app I love Wayfair

Can’t stop notifications.

I log out and still get notifications. How do I stop this.

I love wayfair

I have ordered a lot from wayfair, everything is shipped quickly, l had a problem with one item and customer service was very prompt to fix it. I am a fan of Wayfair and l would recommend Wayfair to everyone.


I am disabled and Wayfarer affords me new freedom and the quality is great!! Tk u Wayfare


The worst app!! It takes FOREVER to load images! FOREVER for the image to come up when trying to get a better view. I have a zero balance on my wayfarer card because it’s so frustrating and time consuming to deal with this app and going directly to the website is no better that I stopped shopping with Wayfarer which is a real bummer because they have nice household items unfortunately there’s just so little access to their products.

Newest version glitches

Love Wayfair, but phone keeps freezing after the latest app update. Whenever I open a pic in the customer reviews, the app will freeze & not let me close out pic or return to previous page. I end up having to close out the app & go back in, only to search for the item I was looking at again.

Always pleased

I’ve been using wayfair ever since I had my first apartment I’ve never been disappointed.

Charging system is screwed.

I love this company. Super affordable nice quality furniture. BUT my biggest problem with them is how they charge you. I bought a $500 bed frame and first they pulled the money which I was ok with of course. Then they put it back into my account, then a month after I placed the order and received it they pulled it AGAIN. I at first didn’t know they placed the money back into my account until I had to dig deep into account summary to figure out why I was missing $500.


Love Wayfair and the app is easy to navigate. I love that I can save things I like to make them easy to find and compare. I have two complaints... one is the size of the app! I keep having to delete the app because it takes up so much space on my phone. The second is when I click on a photo posted in a review, I can't get back to the reviews. Instead I have to close out of the app and go back in. Very frustrating. Edited 10/16: Oh I see the "done" button but it doesn't work. I have to hit menu button on phone and go back into app. This is the only way to get out of viewing a photo.

First Order

Just sent in my first Wayfair order. When I receive my items, I hope I will have a long-standing relationship with Wayfair‼️

Major problems with this app

This app is really slow, sometimes when you open an image from a review there is no way to close it. But it has two major and annoying problems: 1. Login information not retained. Every two to three days I need to login in again because for some reason the app kicked me out... which is not great since as I already mention... is slow... really slow (and is not my data plan or WiFi). 2. After login, it shows me orders from a year ago, but not the current ones for me to track the shipping. How am I supposed to check the delivery date if it’s not working?

Privacy invaders

I never sing up with this app or order something with them, how come you send me coupon at my house address, where did you get my house address. Stay away from this app.

Customer Service

Some of the best customer service experiences I’ve had.

Love! Love! Love! Wayfair!

Beautiful , great quality, great pricing, fast ship!

Add the feature save for later to cart

It is very frustrating that we cannot move an item that has been placed in the cart to a “Save For Later” feature. It’s a pain to have to delete the items then find them again later. The saved lists are also hard to access. I love Wayfair but the app needs some work.

Great App — But buggy

I love that the app has the ability to refine item search options on many specific criteria. The app has a nice UI, but a persistent bug hasn’t been fixed: app always freezes when closing the customer photos screen in ratings. The AI visual search by photo is a terrific feature. However, the results page includes out of stock items, without any way to exclude these items from results, or otherwise finely tune the results.

Retirement Move

We recently moved from our family home in Michigan to our retirement home in Florida. The homes were very different in style, size and purpose so our decor needs were also different. We moved from an urban area with a lot of convenient shopping to an ex-urb area where there were not a lot of retail stores. That’s when we learned to lean on Wayfair! The convenience, selection and service has been wonderful. We have ordered rugs, lighting, furniture, hardware and linens. When we required assistance, the Service Department was prompt and professional. We couldn’t be happier with our Wayfair experience.

Cannot adjust height, width, depth on app

The website is just as fast & you can filter your searches using height, width, and depth of furniture. The app has the option in filters but you cannot “apply” it. Therefore, useless in furniture search on app. Seems like a simple oversight the app designers need to update in the next version! For this inconvenience I give 2 stars.


Every thing we ordered from Wayfair looks great and we are very happy Thanks LeslieCarole


I shop 4 online sites. I love Wayfair because when all else fails they seem to have just what I need or want. They always have great sales. Thank you Wayfair.


When trying to view images in reviews or even just stock images the app freezes and then crashes. This happened with the latest update. I will not buy anything without seeing reviews and pictures first.

Product guide

Product description helps me match the color, texture, and size requirements.

Horrible app that crashes.

The app crashes and erases your saved items. I even had a 5$ store credit and it’s erased as well.


The app freezes and and crashes every time I click on a user submitted photo and go to click done. Doesn’t let me go back.

So easy

I love shopping on Wayfair’s app! It’s so easy. I was cleaning my house and noticed I needed a new lamp shade and it was my go to and in less than 5 min I found a perfect match - I then added a few other items just because it’s so easy to see what else is available. Thank you!

Great Products

Recently moved & downsizing so need to get used to smaller spaces. Have found many items on Wayfair that arrive quickly, and have been satisfied with all items...no returns.

Stop Notification!!!

I do not want to be notified about anything ever! I allow no notifications on my phone for anything not even text!

App use

App is very easy to use. Great search engines when you want specific sizes or colors

Wayfair love

I love this app it’s so easy to use and I get notifications on items that I’ve saved or viewed when they go on sale, in or out of stock etc. it has made furnishing our new home so much easier!

Has potential but very buggy iPhone app

Features such as 3D room and room planner don’t exactly work, keep getting errors when trying to save images and when setting up 3D room unable to find surface even in clear day light. Good app if you are doing the bare minimum but when you start using the features it breaks. Just found another bug: unable to filter results by height.

First purchase

Easy to order

Current release is buggy.

Past love for this app gives it an extra star. As for current love, I have none. For the last few weeks product listing pages have refreshed themselves on their own while I am in the midst of looking through the products. While filter selections are not lost, I am moved back to the top of the page each time. This has made the app unusable for me.

Shipping to Hawaii price is insane

Amazon ships for free. Price doubles for me so I can’t buy anything. How does amazon do it?? I would buy a lot but shipping costs kill the order for me.

Very easy to navigate with awesome features!

Love the 3D option for placing furniture in my space.

Not working correctly

Can’t exit pictures in the product reviews section. Pressing the “DONE” button does nothing - it’s dead.


The app glitches and always takes me back to the top of my search when I’m trying to scroll down. Makes it hard and frustrating to want to continue shopping...

Glitches OFTEN

This is the body of the email sent to Wayfair regarding the UX of the app ‘This app glitches during use on iOS. While scrolling down to review the items available, the screen randomly “jumps back” to the top 😑. This is VERY annoying since you have sssso many items available to choose from. After the third jump, I’m ready to delete the app because I can’t really see everything.’ I don’t understand how anyone could have problems ordering when you can’t even SEE all of the items to choose from.

The site is very basic

There’s no real customer service assistance without either having to email or call. There should a FAQ section.

Good looking app but...

Every time you see a picture full screen rom the reviews and hit “done” it freezes and can’t go back. I have to close the app every time

Ap problems

Love Wayfair, hate the ap. While scrolling through looking at area rugs it continually goes blank and returns you to the top of the page again. Very frustrating! Please fix this issue!

Love the app except for one issue..

When on the app and scrolling down, it will keep taking me right back to the top of the page every so often and it’s extremely annoying! Is there a way to fix this?

False ads

I was advertised a beautiful golden velvet sofa called “Scarlett sofa” in the ad. So I downloaded the app and can’t find this sofa for sale anywhere. So frustrating.

Scroll Bug

I love Wayfair and the app. However, within the last 2-3 weeks a bug has appeared. When scrolling through the items after a search or after tapping a sales category, I get through 15-20 items and the list resets its self and jumps back to the top of the list. This is very annoying and makes it impossible to shop. Please fix!!

Happy with Wayfair

I’ve always been pleased with the products I have purchased and delighted with the rapidity with with the rapidity with which they are delivered. Thank you.

Credit card scan/storing glitch

It wouldn’t take my credit card to order yesterday.....finally I retried today and it took (after many tries yesterday

Great app but keeps freezing on photos

Great app and loves how it saves your searches but it tends to freeze when you scroll in the product pictures and hit the back button.

Great merchandise

Love this site! Good stuff and great prices.

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